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Core Values

Strength through Stability & Continuity

Quality through professionalism and reliability of service.

Teamwork within and with our clients.

Loyalty to our employees at sea and ashore.

Creativity and Responsiveness to our customers’ needs.

About Us

  • Excellence can only be achieved by sustainability. We in ASM are working on Management sustainability by taking care of the sustained optimal vessel performance and cost savings that result demonstrates the quality of our technical management services.
  • In the light of the critical mass that has been achieved by the Jordanian Shipping Industry during the financial crises & with Jordan Geographical location the availability of skilled & qualified maritime professionals, we believe the time is ripe for ship management activities to become the next growth areas for the industry.
  • Ship Management is a core shipping activity that is increasingly being outsourced to third-party Ship Management companies.
  • Outsourcing Ship Management services to third-party service providers can help shipping companies and ship owners enhance their operational efficiency in running the day-to-day operations of their respective vessels.
  • Ship Management is a core shipping activity that is increasingly being outsourced to third-party Ship Management companies.
  • Outsourcing Ship Management services to third-party service providers can help shipping companies and ship owners enhance their operational efficiency in running the day-to-day operations of their respective vessels.
  • Nowadays, Ship Management is often outsourced to specialized third party Ship Management companies for the purpose of restructuring of international shipping and separation of ownership and management.
  • The reasons for using third-party ship managers and the benefits this brings to ship owners has established two key findings:
  • First, ship owners can turn to third-party ship managers to ensure flexibility and at the same time become more competitive through cost reduction and,
  • Secondly, effective use of third-party ship management can be achieved through the full use of ship managers’ investments, innovations and specialized professional capabilities that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive to replicate.
  • Arab Ship Management was established 1995 as an independent ship management company that offers a comprehensive range of high quality
  • marine services. Driven to exceed the expectations of our customers, we take the priorities of our customers as our very own ,by providing safe and cost effective management of the ships – we are working in partnership with our customers. At Arab Ship Management, we strive for Operational Excellence.
  • ASM is managed by a team of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals with many years of technical background and operational expertise to handle the most complex international shipping operations. We are able to take ownership and embrace the owners’ approach, allowing ship owners to secure and service very long term contracts from the most demanding charterers.
  • We take challenges as opportunities. We enjoy working hard and making things happen.

Our Services

At Arab Ship Management, we provide a broad spectrum of Ship Management services which covers Technical Management, Crew Management, Insurance management, Commercial Management and Marine Consultancy Services which includes New Building Supervision.

Currently we manage a diversified fleet, consisting of Ro-Ro passenger vessels, High speed crafts, General cargo vessels, Bulk carriers & Livestock carriers.

What gives us the courage and confidence  in offering a full portfolio of third party technical ship management services is our team of highly skilled and dedicated superintendents. We monitor the vessels’ performance closely to ensure optimum operating efficiency. Further, ships under our care are inspected at regular intervals by the superintendent concerned to follow up on all aspects of shipboard operational matters and to maintain an active contact with the vessel an owner.

More than allocating the best-suited superintendent to a ship, we  take special interest to maintain a good superintendent / vessel allocation ratio to ensure vessels under his charge get prompt attention at all times. It is this commitment from ASM  that assures every vessel’s operating requirements are met and vessel operating condition is always at it’s peak.

Technical Management

At Arab Ship Management, we recognize the value of deploying seafarers who are well-trained and certified in accordance with STCW and the ISM Code. Our primary concern is to deliver safe, efficient, high quality, ethical and cost effective ship management solutions that satisfy our customers. Our crew recruitment and training ventures, in Jordan , Egypt , Pakistan and the Philippines, proactively develop our very own Quality Seafarers to meet our concern.

Our industry standard stringent selection and training process policy ensures that we have access to an unceasing supply of knowledgeable and well-trained seafarers for deployment onboard our managed vessels.

Currently, we have ready access to a pool of  Jordanians, Egyptians , Pakistanis and Filipino officers & ratings in the system.

Through a fully computerized  crew management operations, we ensure that all vessels in the fleet have officers & crew onboard with the required skills, training and certification for the vessel type.

All crew training and personal development of our seafarers is supervised by our Personnel & Training Managers.

Our manning offices abroad are all complying with standards  for quality management system of seafarer manning offices as per the requirements of  MLC 2006.

Crew Management

To us, purchasing is more than a process of acquiring supplies. It is procuring the best quality goods and services at the most economical price. Through tapping on our global purchasing experience, and our network of highly reliable suppliers, we actively negotiate for favorable frame agreements . As a result, we are not only able to secure attractive pricing on a range of supplies, including spare parts, lubricating oil, paints and provisions .Furthermore, our computerized purchasing system assures that incidents of over-stocking are minimized.


We ensure that all vessels under our management are covered against marine perils and third party liabilities.  Through our well established working relationship with the insurance underwriting markets and the brokers, we are able to assist our principals in obtaining competitive rates for H&M and  P&I coverage. Not stopping at that, our insurance department plays an active role in handling and settlement of Owners claims as well as assists in the process of insurance policy renewal.


At Arab Ship Management, we recognize the importance of proper & timely financial reporting and its influence on owners decisions. We have instituted a modern and fully computerized accounting, payroll, crew management and purchasing system. In accordance to the preference and requirements of the principals, we provide monthly or quarterly accounting reports in a timely manner. The accounting procedures and systems meet the highest of corporate governance standards as required by Jordanian authorities.


ASM besides providing Ship management Services is also specialized in Marine Consultancy and New building Supervision. Our Marine Consultancy services covers a wide range of expertise in the new building sector and has undertaken various new construction projects including Bulk carriers and Ro-Ro passenger vessels at major shipyards.

– We offer a broad spectrum of Marine Consultancy Services to the marine industry and our main activities are:

  • Project Management of Ship construction.
  • Ship Condition Surveys.
  • Ship Conversion Projects.
  • Sale & Purchase Inspections.
  • Supervisory services for dry-docking, conversions & repairs.
  • Provide Skilled Manpower for Projects.v

Marine Consultancy Services

ASM has a team of skilled, competent and dedicated Marine Engineers and Master Mariners with proven track record in project management and site supervision of new ship construction and conversion. We carry out detailed review of the yard specifications and provide Owners with our comments to the Hull, Paint Coating, Machinery and Electrical systems. This review is made against Owners requirements, best industry practices and incorporating  ASM operational experience gained through managing similar vessel type. Our comments would also be useful for owners’ in their negotiations with the yard to upgrade the quality of the vessel.

– The four main phases of the New Building Supervision would cover the following:

  • Plan Approvals by classification societies.
  • Factory Acceptance Test of Equipment.
  • Site Supervision.
  • Commissioning and Sea Trials.

New Building Supervision

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